About the Author

In the event you have stumbled upon my blog by chance, you might want to know a bit about me. To make it easy I’ve compiled a list of 35 random facts about myself. If you have no desire to learn about me, or already know more about me than you’d like, you still have time to skip this part.

1. I was raised in the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.
2. I consider myself a feminist.
3. I have a BS in Hospitality Management.
4. My true passion is teaching.
5. I love to play soccer.
6. My political views are mostly on the left.
7. I will soon be an Air Force Wife.
8. My fiancé and I have 2 dogs.
9. I love food.
10. I have lived in New Mexico for all but 6.5 months of my life.
11. I’m a beer snob.
12. I have to order dessert, sometimes just dessert.
13. When I started college I wanted to be a chef.
14. When I was a kid I wanted to be an “Ice Cream Man”.
15. I don’t mind listening to the radio.
16. If I could make a career out of donating my time to humanitarian organizations, I would.
17. Unlike most women my age who coo when they see a baby, I coo when I see a (cute) dog.
18. I don’t consider myself religious.
19. My favorite hobby is baking.
19. I will one day obtain a masters degree.
20. If I don’t become a teacher, I will become an entrepreneur.
21. I have watched Grease more times than I can count.
22. I love being outdoors.
23. Live music is one of my all time favorite things.
24. I do believe there are dogs that aren’t cute.
25. The love of my life works in combat search and rescue for the USAF.
26. I love to read.
27. My favorite color is green, or blue, or a combination of the two.
28. I carry on conversations with my dogs.
29. I graduated with roughly 26 students from a charter school, before charter schools were cool.
30. I love flowers, mostly sunflowers and gerber daisies.
31. I am a control freak.
32. I have never been a fan of country music.
33. I like to joke that no child I have will ever be as cute as my dogs, sometimes it’s a real concern.
34. I want to enjoy the rest of my 20’s and most of my 30’s before having children.
35. I used to love writing, and this is my attempt at rekindling that love.

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